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    Thank you again for joining us for the 2020 EmpowerMINT Conference Kick-off session hosted by The Rise Group. Mintees, you’ve had the opportunity to share lessons learned for 2020 in your respective breakout rooms, and now its time to share with the entire cohort. After continued reflection, take the time to share what 2020 has taught you below and respond to at least two other Mintee posts.

    Kareen Angarita

    The two main lessons I have learned are:
    -Life takes unexpected turns which you have no control of, so take the risk TODAY and make the MOST out of each day
    -The importance of being on top of your finances, and having at least 6 months in reserves in case of an emergency

    Rafael Rodriguez

    The main lesson that I have learned up to recently
    – Ability to ground oneself + lean into discomfort. Facing the consequences of these unprecedented times, I have learned the skill of ground myself to limit stress. Whether that be by talking to my parents about past memories, rewatching old tv shows, looking back at old photographs, I constantly make sure to ground myself and refresh my memory as to who I am. Additionally, I have learned to lean into discomfort. Everyday presents itself a new challenge, now more than ever, and I have learned to stretch out of my comfort zone, question my own biases and thoughts, and learn from my mistakes
    Thank you!!

    Rafael Rodriguez

    @ Kareen, 100% agree with both lessons! I cannot stress enough how important it is to be on top of your finances, as a current college student, this is a very REAl problem and one that I am navigating each and every day

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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