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— Hey, what’s good everyone my name is Dennis Constanza I’m from the Port of LA (San Pedro) and I graduated from the George Washington University in D.C. in May with Political Science.
— At first, I thought I wanted to get into the legal or political fields, but slowly made my pivot into the private sector with Tech. I’ll be starting with LinkedIn as a BLP associate in January and currently working with a non-profit called MLT based in Bethesda until then. I’m looking to explore VC and Real Estate going forward.
— Aside from learning, I’m passionate about music/festivals (listening hip hop/EDM/lo-fi, and I hope to learn the guitar w/in the next year), trying to get an adrenaline rush, and speaking with people. My family is from Guatemala so I thoroughly enjoy Latin food (aka tamales).
— Favorite quote would have to be “Don’t compare yourself to who others are today, compare yourself to who you were yesterday,” by a psychologist called Jordan Peterson. I get stuck in my head sometimes and reading this quote reminds me that my state of mind should be dependent on my own rate of improvement.
— I realized that providing resources to underserved communities didn’t need to be contained in the legal or political science fields halfway through college. Instead, I felt that I could deliver more value with a different kind of autonomy available as an entrepreneur. So it’s a dual thing of helping provide for my family (first-gen, low-income), and building an empire that can serve both as an example to those that come after me and provide the resources/influence necessary to mitigate the disparity of economic opportunity.